Tofic Simantob, Perez e Ortiz handles criminal cases in all judiciary instances.

Criminal Law

We have expertise in handling cases involving economic crimes, such as offenses relating to finance, tax, tenders, environment, bankruptcy, antitrust, money laundering and others. We excel in defending the interests of companies and their executives, including in large operations, such as the Lava Jato.

Criminal Law

Our team is prepared to defend the accused directly or assist the prosecution at all stages of the criminal proceedings, from the evidentiary stage to the final judicial instance stage. Our work is comprehensive and includes defense in cases of property crimes, crimes against individuals, against government entities, against public health, against public faith and others.

Higher Courts

The firm is particularly suited to operating in Brazil’s Superior Court of Appeals (STJ) and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), including in conjunction with other firms and lawyers. With its extensive experience in oral arguments, technical know-how and strategic vision, the firm uses all legal measures available to remedy illegalities and find the best possible outcome for the client.


Our team also offers consulting services, prepares legal reports and proposes measures to prevent or mitigate criminal risk arising from business activities.

Meet the partners

A fine-tuned team that has gained experience over the years by facing many challenges together.